S*Alchymist's Tilford Creme BURe

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Oh my little creme, she is such a sweet girl. I call her "Fiona" at home and she is my purring machine. She is full sister to Tangerine and I could honestly not sell her as she is my sweetheart.

2 x EX 1 


S*Alchymist's Evening Glow BURh


Tesla juli 2018


Oh my little darling, a chocolate tortie with the sweetest temper you can ask for! I'd just love her burmeselook and I've my hopes on her development. I'm very glad to have her pedigree as well.


Pardofelis Unikko BURg




This is Nikki from Finland! She is a fantastic female with sweet temper bred by Pardofelis cattery.
Nikki is co-owned with Metsäkansan Cattery and Nikki will hopefully contribute with some nice kittens in due course.
Nikki is everything you ask in a Burmese, fantastic coat quality and type.
I’m very greatful to Ms Anne Laukka that gave us the opportunity to have her!


S*Alchymist's For Your Eyes Only


teas unge


This girl I kept from my F2 litter, a brown female. She has an interesting pedigree, although not a showstar but hopefully she will contribute to some nice kittens in due course.

She lives in a fosterhome in Uppsala county



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